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I'm a chip off the old block...


Animal Rhymes came out of the desire to create a fun-filled learning experience for children. Our attempt is to show that learning can be both educational and fun. It's well known that children love animals, and that rhymes are a primary learning tool. We have combined these two aspects to create Animal Rhymes.

Our first creation was not a rhyme, but rather a riddle. It went like this: "I'm a chip off the old block and I'm as solitary as a monk; what am I?"

Answer—I'm a chipmunk.

And here's an example of our more than 50 Animal Rhymes, covering a wide variety of animals.

I'm the largest land animal that you’ll ever see,
I can raise my nose about as high as a tree.
As I walk about the earth will shake,
Until I stop for a drink at my favorite lake.
I walk around with large ears to hear.
For they let me know if any dangers are near.

My name starts with the letter E. What am I? I’m an Elephant

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